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"Mrs. Bronson, Your Husband Reporting For Duty."

A Soldier delighted his unsuspecting family when he emerged from the water behind them to see them for the first time since his return from Afghanistan.

Bethany Bronson and children headed to the beach to record video messages for Captain Hyrum Bronson, who was not expected to return from duty for another three weeks.  However to his family's surprise, Captain Bronson emerged from the water - still in his uniform - saying, "Mrs Bronson, your husband reporting for duty".

An overwhelmed Bethany Bronson exclaimed, "Are you freaking kidding me", before bursting into tears.
Clearly elated at their father's return, Captain Bronson's children are heard shouting "Daddy!" as they rush to hug him.

The soldier had to put on scuba gear so he could execute the plan without spoiling the surprise.

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