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A Different View at the Doo

Come one, come all:  you are hereby invited to:

A Different View at the Doo
WHEN:  24 August 2013
WHERE:  The dooGallery, 205 Holtzclaw St. SE, Atlanta, GA  30316
TIMES:  3-6 Family hours, 7-midnight reception and fundraiser
COST:  $10 per person at the door

I'm going to skip the press release, the short version is that we are working on a show, and it will also be a fundraiser for Team Rubicon.  As such, we are looking for sponsors who want to get their company/product out in front of a very interesting audience.  To give you an idea, we are inviting business, finance, civic, and other leadership, with my goal being to make this the largest and most succesful fundraiser ever done at the dooGallery

Sponsors are needed to cover costs.  Why?  Because if the costs are covered, 100 percent of the door goes to Team Rubicon and we can explore other options to raise funds.  I'm also pledging ten percent of all print sales that night to Team Rubicon. 

So, hope to see you there and if you are a business or organization looking to get in front of some very good people, drop me a line. 


PS:  Working on some surprises, hope to be able to announce more soon. 

PPS:  A while back on Facebook, I asked what readers wanted to see offered as incentives for donations.  The initial suggestions and a chance to discuss them and ask for more is here