American Cemetery Offer

Thank You Enterprise Caen!


The Blackfive Normandy MediaMobile

I am able to tear about the French countryside, alternately annoying and terrifying the French drivers, thanks to Enterprise Rent-a-Car Caen (train station).  Catherine, who was the manager on duty when I arrived, worked extensively with me to make it possible for me to rent a nice car.  It seems that prices elsewhere that were supposed to include everything including insurance might not have included deposits and other such non-costs. 

Catherine worked hard to make things work, and her efforts were and are very much appreciated!  I can highly recommend her and the Enterprise office near the train station to anyone needing a car for touring Normandy and beyond.  When she found out why I was here, she redoubled her efforts and sent me on my way with a plethora of good maps and good advice.  Seems her father was around for WWII and she has a special place in her heart for the American military as a result. 


The press pass


For those interested, the press pass in the car reads as follows:

"Official Media Vehicle, Blackfive Military Magazine

Les médias officiels véhicule, Magazine de l’armée de Blackfive

Pilote est américain, probablement perdu, sûrement confus et relativement inoffensive. Toute aide et examen est très apprécié.

AVERTISSEMENT : Si vous lui donnez la nourriture ou boisson, il faudra probablement beaucoup de photos, dire des choses gentilles sur vous et votre établissement en impression et parle de votre oreille au large."

Again, huge thanks to Catherine, and because of her and her efforts I am crediting Enterprise Rent A Car Caen Railway Office as a sponsor for this trip. 


This trip and other embeds sponsored by MilitaryLuggage.Com and B.N. Shape Clothing.  Normandy coverage also made possible by Enterprise Rent A Car Caen Railway Office.   My thanks to them and to all who have contributed to make this and other trips possible. 

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