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Sneak Peak: Overlord Museum


Thanks to my new friends at Relais de la Plage (more on them soon, they are recommended), I was introduced to the Director of the new Overlord Museum between Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery.  Despite the fact that construction is being frantically finished so that they can have a very special opening on Wednesday, Jean Christophe Lefranc was kind enough to provide a tour so that you can get a sneak peak ahead of everyone. 


Landscaping, cleaning, painting and other work was and is going on around the clock. 

Jean Christophe Lefranc giving the tour

The museum starts with 1933 and the rise of Hitler.  Without giving too much away, it moves into the Resistance, life under occupation, the Atlantic Wall, and then moves into D-Day. By the way, some of the exhibits do run, and there are some interesting plans being made around that fact. 

  OM4 OM5
The goal is to showcase all the Allies, though a majority of the focus will be on the Americans and British. 

  OM6 OM8
There is more to come, and it has to do with the reason for the special opening.   The aim is to have everything truly ready for next year, but there are some good reasons for the special opening. 


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