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Silent Warriors vs. the Warrior Princess

This is the absurd culmination of an extravaganza of ridiculousness that the NSW community may never recover from.  When I started blogging in 2004 as a SEAL, it was not to tell you about the things SEALs were doing and how cool we are.  It was to show you how we thought about or approached certain issues from politics to policy.  And when it became my turn to go down range, I shut it down, because you didn’t need to know, and you still don’t. 

Here’s another thing you don’t need to know: Why Chris Beck wants to live the rest of his life as a woman.  I know Chris, and I will never question his qualifications as a frogman and an operator.  From all of my experiences with him, he was a solid guy and I had no complaints.  He may feel now that suppressing his inner desires about who he was constituted a major sacrifice for him.  And I’m sure it did.  But so fucking what?  We ALL sacrificed something to the Teams, to the Navy, to the Nation. 

Chris, you are not special brother.  Not any more than any of us.  When you joined the military, you joined a culture.  If that culture made you feel as if you couldn’t be who you really wanted to be, well, that’s the fucking idea.  Once you are in the service, you are there to SERVE the country and not yourself.  We all had to set aside things that we wanted to do or to be if we wanted to remain in the service.  But nobody was forcing you to remain.  Instead of cramming it down for twenty years, you could have got out.  Instead of building up 20 years worth of pity party that you just shat onto your Teammates, you could have been the woman you always wanted to be.  But you chose to stay with us, and we were glad you did.  Until now.  

If you are happy being who you are right now, then Chris, I’m happy for you.  But you need to come to grips with one simple fact.  Nobody on this planet would give a damn about your journey of personal discovery if it weren’t for the Teams.  And the only reason you are getting the attention that you are is because of the Teams, not because of who you are.  You are not special, not any more than any of us.  The Teams are what people are paying attention to, not you.  

In all honesty, we did this to ourselves as a community.  From Dick Couch to Brandon Webb to Matt Bissonette to Chris Kyle and many others we were sold out bit by bit at first.  But once the bin Laden hit went down and Act of Valor hit the theatres it was all over.  As a community, we must have enjoyed the attention more than we hated the spotlight.  And so we failed to police our own.  In the manic absurdity of it all, we got Warrior Princess, which is media catnip and a slap in every one of our faces.  Maybe this is our wake up call.  Maybe it doesn’t matter anymore.

You knew you were denigrating us all, but you just became too important to yourself.  You forgot that we all sacrificed too.  Or maybe your never realized it being lost in your own self absorption.

Please remember this.  Without all of us, there is no you, Chris.