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No Posts Today

Sorry, but last week was brutally beautifully intense.  I went to bed at about 1000 hours last night, and was very grumpily awakened by some sickeningly happy and cheerful early risers at the campground about 0600.  Finally gave up, got up, and got in the car to warm up at 0730.  For the record, I've camped everywhere from the high moors of Norway to the Superstition mountains, even in freezing Iraqi winter nights.  Last night is the coldest I can remember being.  I ran the heater in the rental car for about five minutes, decided to rest a bit, and the next thing I knew it was after 1000 hours.  Had to make a supply run (note for the future, stores do not sell ice thank Ifni for helpful restaurants!), do laundry, and other mundane stuff. 

Right now, I'm torn between trying to catch up on all the writing and all the photos I need to go through, or going out and doing more.  I really hope to spend several more hours at Pointe du Hoc (six or more would be nice, sigh), among other things and places I really want to visit.  I still need to do Omaha and Utah right, have not spent near enough time at either even with wading through the brambles above Omaha today.  Well, I had to do something while waiting on the laundry to dry... 

So, no ice cream today but there is more to come.  For those complaining about only one story a day, keep in mind:  I can write or I can do, and I choose to spend my time getting as many stories and photos in a day as I can; my computer is like me, old and slow, and it has less than half the memory "suggested" for the software in use and the data transfer is from 2007, which means it runs at about one quarter the speed of newer systems -- which impacts operations in that it is taking me 2-4 hours to download one chip from the camera, and you don't want to know about the backups; I do have to do mundane things too, like sleep, laundry, etc. though I really don't care to do so; I also admit I've gotten caught up in things to the point that I miss deadlines, like the times most hotels, stores, etc. close in more rural France and, yes, that has indeed made life interesting; and, wifi is available, but a lot of "free" wifi comes attached to restaurant bills I can't afford right now.  Want to change the latter, hit the tip jar.

Don't mean to sound (too) grumpy, just want to lay out the facts.  Fact is, I'm having an amazing time, meeting some truly wonderful people, and may be able to bring some neat and even exclusive stories to Blackfive (and my site) even if it means limiting posts to but one a day.  Then again, I somehow think most of you won't mind if the posts run on a week or three. I really want to get some of my camp neighbors (who shake their head at my bivy sack) on tape as several of them could hold doctorates in history for their research into D-Day.  Also glad one or two of them may take me under thier wings and make some introductions and show me some things.  Meantime, just saw an "American" duck check into the camp, think there might be a story to that so...


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