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WWII letters found

One of the reasons that I wanted to publish the Blog of War was because that there won't be boxes of letters from the war found decades letter.  In this electronic age, important writing (emails, blog posts, social media etc.) can disappear into the ether (net).  

This is an interesting story (especially if you are history detectives junkie type), and, maybe, you can help connect the dots.

...Pamela Gilliland, who was unaware of the letters when she first bought the hatbox, just last week enlisted the help of a history buff, Doug Eaton, to find out more about them.

Written by sibling soldiers Eural and Robert Harvill, the letters were addressed to their parents, a "Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Harvill, Box 7, Drumright, OK," according to the Tulsa World...

Read the whole story here.