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She Made It! (Vote Kaiti C! )

UPDATE:  She made it!  Despite being sick, she pushed on and was selected in the final audition last night.  Congratulations Kaiti C, and thanks to all who voted for her! 


Yes, this has been going on a while, blame the Colt's for that.  :) 

We are down to the wire, and the final auditions are the17th.  Kaiti C. has made it through the process so far, so let's get her off to a great start in the final audtions and selections by putting her in the top 10 vote getters going in.  You can vote once a day for her

Also, though the Colt's IT people don't see it, a lot of people are getting a warning about the site.  As of today, that warning is only coming up if you try to login via https versus http.  The http is fine as best my diagnostics can tell, so get on over and vote

Don't remember Kaiti?  Check here, here, here, and here for more. 

Remember, go vote!


UPDATE:  The Colt's IT team found the problem (expired certificate) and it is now fixed.  So fire away and vote away for Kaiti C. at either https or http