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Lock-N-Load Java A Blended Review


Life can never be all bad when there is good coffee to be had.  And, thanks to the fine folks at Lock-N-Load Java there has been good coffee in my life.  My hosts and I just have hated having to sample so much good coffee, and I fear we are getting a bit spoiled. 

This week's review is of a sampler pack of their blended coffees (you can read the review of single-source coffees here).  Coffee has gone the way of whisky and whiskey, in that blends get a very bad shake.  As with a good blend of whiskey/whisky, the goal is to create the best of several worlds, bringing together flavors so that a rich and complext taste is obtained without negatives.  In terms of coffee, the flavor should be rich and complex without excessive bitterness, acid, and other things that would detract.  As with whisky/whiskey, there are indeed some bad blends out there, that are not pure product and/or are not quality product. 

Such is not the case here.  The blends they have are pure and high quality, and show it.

First up was the Warrior Select medium roast. The body is nice, and it has a good flavor.  There was enough richness to be satisfying, and the finish was smooth and pleasant. 

Second, we tried the Double Barrel Black dark roast.  I really liked the full body and solid flavors a lot. Good body, great balance, slight bit of bite on a solid finish. For those who like it dark, a good choice. 

Finally, we tried the Smooth Operator light roast.  To be honest (and polite), I'm not usually a fan of light roast coffee.  This, however, was full of flavor and showed some nice complexity with fruit and nut notes. To be very honest, I am impressed with it and I'm going to have to rethink some of my coffee snobbery about light roast. 

As before, I want to mention that the company is veteran owned, has an option for you to ship coffee to the troops, and does other good work.  There is more coming on some of those good works.  Stay tuned. 

Now, to see if the troll (competitor?) shows up to misquote prices and disparage things again...


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