Hero: Officer Sean Collier Killed Because He was a Sheepdog
Red Sox player says it well

It Was What We Thought, And What We Could Learn....

First of all; God Bless the sheepdogs for taking it to these two ass-clowns in a very manly manner  When you find the other one; Lather, Rinse, Repeat and wash that Islamist terrorist right out of your hair.  The Chechens have a reputation for unbelievable savagery. And turds like Cenk Uygar talking about how these cats are white (we saw men in the 'Stan that could have passed for white BTW, and my guess is that they were Chechen, and they were still Muslim)

With what now is appearing to be an ad-hoc Mumbai style delayed attack going on in Boston; I would like to suggest that police departments start getting on board with how the Israelis deal with these types of problems.

With a bomb strapped to his chest, one of the Boston Marathon suspects was killed early Friday after he and his accomplice brother robbed a 7-Eleven, shot a police officer to death, carjacked an SUV and hurled explosives in an extraordinary firefight with law enforcement, authorities told NBC News.

And you better get some first rate PR help from someone who can explain it to people who are going to be wholly unaccustomed to the level of deadliness and the apparent immediate denial of civil rights this is going to look like (I always have some free time on Fridays).  But we will not take up precious space here, but get to it after the jump.

Join me won't you?

Here is the tactic, in an abbreviated nutshell.

1)  Profile.  All Day every day.  We all do it anyway, it is what has very likely saved a few of us.

2)  Shoot Bomber/Gunman/Crazy Idiot in the face.... at least twice.  If still alive, shoot more in the face until dead, if possible, make these follow up shots from a safe distance.

3)  Immediately deploy cell phone jamming equipment and shut down cell networks

4)  Conduct area search for possible alternate triggerman--if found, see #1

5)  Evacuate the area

6)  Send in the Robot to disarm/trigger explosives

And I might add, but this isn't part of the TTP's; bring a shop vacuum, a leaf blower and some rags for the mess.

This is what the Israelis do when they deal with these types of attacks.  They do not arrest them, they do not Mirandize them, they do not hand cuff them, they don't ask them politely to assume the position nor do they forcefully order them to get on the ground and put their hands up; they just shoot them and hose off the sidewalk.  This how existential threats are dealt with and how those in imminent danger are protected.

And I can tell you that the American is in no way ready to see anything like this on Action News at 5.  The ACLU is going to have an aneurysm, CAIR is going to be up in arms and the 90 plus percent of Americans who God Bless them, never do a bad thing to another human being are going to have their conscience shocked when they see this happen.  

But I don't care about that.  I care about Boston (and Seattle, and Portland and Los Angeles and New York and Miami) having less of the air ballistically contaminated with flying shrapnel at their next marathon.

The sheep can sleep safely in their beds knowing that despite the horror they may have seen on the news about that bad man who the police killed today; their workplace, their child's school and their life will not be interrupted by traumatic amputation, hypersonic ball bearings, shock waves or gun fire because the sheep dogs, like the ones in Boston, were effective in doing what was necessary to protect civilized society.

If there is to be a revolution in the way that we approach what has been visited upon us in Boston, I can think of no more an appropriate place to begin than Boston to have a dialogue, some training and to start to change how we deal with this kind of threat.