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The Intricate Richard-Dance of The Mentally Insane....

I had no idea when I was young that adults were going to be this foxtrotting dumb when I grew up.  It appears that the US Army has now demonstrated that they are capable, on the grandest of scales, of reaching a level of mental midgetry and political correctness that has no limit or bottom.

“The vendor etched those inscriptions on scopes without the Army’s approval,” Army spokesman Matthew Bourke told Fox in a written statement. “Consequently, the modified scopes did not meet the requirement under which the contract was executed.”

Bourke said the vendor (which is Trijicon--ed.) agreed to remove all Bible references on future deliveries.

“Some of these scopes had already been fielded,” Bourke explained. “Corrective measures were taken to remove inscriptions during the RESET/PRESET process in order to avoid a disruption in combat operations.”

Our enemies are laughing at us as they watch us dance around trying to kick their ass without hurting their feelings, using bad words or getting some gravy from their lemon chicken on their precious holy book; as they ambush our soldiers with explosives and gunfire.

So, following along with your idea there Mr. Big Army spokesman Matthew Bourke, in order to be intellectually consistent with this galactically stupid idea that religion should not be part of our operations overseas, or part of the identity of our army, or part of the values of our soldiers; and that soldiers deployed in combat operations should not be in possession of anything that makes reference to bible verses and by their extension, religious materials; I demand that DoD take the following action immediately:

Every Chaplain in every service located at every post, on every ship, at every airfield and forward base be redeployed or PCS'ed and upon arrival in CONUS, I want them immediately out processed and given an RE-4 re-enlistment code.  I also want every piece of religious material taken from every post and base here and abroad.  I want every chapel on every post and base torn down.  I want AR 670-1 changed so that every soldier is prohibited from carrying, wearing or being in possession of while in uniform and religious symbol or piece of religious jewelry; whether visible or not.  I want every pocket copy of the New Testament confiscated from all soldiers in theater.

If the giving of offense by religion and the possibility thereof needs to be removed from our rifle scopes, then all of these things, according to your definition, will "disrupt" combat operations and need to be removed from our forces.   In fact, we probably need to complete this little circle of ass-hattery you have got started here by ensuring that from this time forward, we only recruit atheists; you know, just to make sure.

And, I am not certain if you know, and this part comes from someone who has looked down a rifle at them, the Muslims aren't going to be more pissed at us because we wrote a bible verse on a rifle scope, and removing them isn't going to increase the likelihood of mission success, so what is your objective exactly with this order?

We are not talking about knocking down a burr on a firing pin that causes negligent discharges or making a work around for up armoring a truck, you are talking about removing part of a serial number on piece of US army equipment; which I think will get you some UCMJ action,

I know this is all about the stupid premise of not somehow making this a "crusade."  If it really was, we would have wrapped this up about 8 years back and had them all converted by now.

Mostly though, this kind of shiznit just makes our society look weak, as if we have no courage of our convictions to stand for what we believe in; and I understand how our enemies would get this impression, given the well documented love of America by our current Secretary of State, Occupant in Chief and the rest of the most inept and clueless administration in history.

If I were the King; I would have this inscribed on the upper receiver of every rifle in the inventory:

Blessed be the Lord, My Rock who trains my hands for battle and my fingers to war.

I say if you are going to inflame their passions, I want them to be on fire.