The Brand New and All Around Badass Ranger Up's "The Damn Few" full 30 minute episode
Looking for photos of fallen vets

Creative Suggestions and Donations

I need some creative (real) suggestions to help me get to either Indianapolis or Lafayette on Thursday, earlier the better, then back down to Atlanta.  A car rental is $600 (best deal so far) with more than half of that being insurance I have to have.  If anyone knows of anyone travelling that way, or has other constructive or creative suggestion, would love to hear it. 

Two, it appears that Normandy is a go, at least in terms of transport.  Now, I need lodging, car, and some food would not be amiss either.  Please donate to either the Indigogo fundraiser or at my site if you would.  Anything helps!

Third, two short embeds in the southern hemisphere are in work.  These will require some commercial travel, so again donations are very much appreciated

Finally, if you are a company or organization that would like some targeted and productive advertising, please contact me here.  I will be glad to share information on demographics and options with you. 

Things are starting to move, and your help in making the most of them is very much appreciated.