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Bombing Suspects and Godspeed

One heck of a way to wake up:  The two suspects in the Boston bombing appear to be Chechen brothers, oe is dead, and there are now reports of explosions heard as police surround a house.

Short version is that apparently the two brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarneaev may have been involved in a robbery attempt, that led to a carjacking, which led to multiple run-ins with law enforcement. 

Sadly, an MIT police office, name unknown at this time, was killed by the brothers in one of these events.  Godspeed to him, and thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. 

In addition, a MBTA transit police officer, Richard H. Donahue, Jr., has been wounded and is hospitalized.  Thoughts and prayers out for him. 

More soon. 


UPDATE 1:  Clarification -- Tamerlan was killed last night in a gun and explosive firefight with police. 

UPDATE 2:  Boxing card for Tamerlan here, Gym where Tamerlan was training here, photo of him boxing here, slideshow of him during training here.

UPDATE 3:  BBC coverage here, WCVB Boston here, WHDH Boston here, MyFoxBoston here.

UPDATE 4:  Interesing article where AP claims to have talked with suspects father.  If true the disconnects are interesting and telling. 

UPDATE 5:  If true, Dzhokhar was a football (English) fan according to this Twitter account.  Hat tip, Jim Treacher.


BOLO 99 grey Honda CR-V, MA plates, 316-ES9 --- call 911 ASAP DO NOT APPROACH

UPDATE 7:  MIT police officer killed identified as Officer Sean Collier.  Godspeed.

FLASH:  Car found, stand down on search and reporting.

 UPDATE 9:  UMass Dartmouth evacuating after one suspect identified as a student.

NOTE:  Not an update, but keep in mind a couple of things today and the next few days.  First, the information we have now is fragmentary, unconfirmed, and WILL change.  Two, by noon the internet will be flooded with experts on Chechnya and the problems within.  Might I suggest our own Blackfive actual and Grim as two who have a passing familiarity with that region and problems from/with same?  I have a modest knowledge, but will not call myself an expert. 

UPDATE 10:  Right now, what is going on really isn't known.  It appears one suspect may be down, and EOD involved, but there may be hostages, may be more suspects, etc.  So, no speculation until we know something.

NOTE 2:  For Ifni's sake:  If you are media, social media, etc:  Please don't broadcast addresses or specific locations as it can compromise officer safety and investigations.  There are credible reports that at least one suspect does have/did have online access.

THOUGHT TO SHARE:  If it had been one person, I could believe that only one was involved. When you have two involved, there are usually more involved. Suspect we will learn a lot more here soon, and would not be surprised to find more arrests, deportations, etc. Pure speculation, but speculation based on experience. 

UPDATE 11:  According to police media briefing, person in house is not the missing brother.  No more information right now.

There is more to come, but not on this post.  New post if needed, bump of this if critical.

MOST INTERESTING:  Decided one more update needed, as very interesting that Hagel is now at the WH.  Update, WH says previously scheduled meeting on national security.  Should have lots to talk about...