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Defense, Security, and Intelligence pieces from Brookings

Thought you might appreciate some or all of these posts by the good folks at Brookings.
Below are some of the latest news and views from scholars at the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence at The Brookings Institution:

Are All Bets Off?  

With reports of the use of chemical weapons in Syria,Brue Riedel says that President Obama has a big decision to make…  


The Triple Crown 

In an interview with the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research,Peter W. Singer discusses what Gulf monarchies can do to increase defense cooperation and ride herd on local troublemakers…


Time to Pony Up

With a post-2014 civil war not out of the question, Afghan officials must stop horsing around and face the country’s deteriorating governance – made worse by its illicit economies – writes Vanda Felbab-Brown


How (Not) to Throw a Nuclear Derby Party

Bruce Riedel details the Israeli decision in 2007 to attack a Syrian nuclear facility and the politicization of American intelligence, which can often put the cart before the horse...


Jockeying for Position

It’s unclear why Russia needs so many nonstrategic nuclear weapons, notesSteven Pifer, but the U.S. and NATO want to put these tactical devices out to pasture…


The Pick Six

When deciding strategy,Paul Pillar says you need to know your advisors’ true areas of expertise, if you don’t want to end up backing the wrong horse…


Down the Home Stretch

With Hamid Karzai’s presidency rounding the curve to its end,Michael O’Hanlon and Michele Flournoy think the U.S. must set expectations now for Afghanistan’s upcoming elections…