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A Reminder Of Why

They are often called "The Greatest Generation" was given to me on Wednesday.  I had the honor of talking to the Vinings (GA) Rotary, during which I met a WWII veteran who is an active member with the organization.  Our talk led to finding out that he did indeed see the elephant while being a forward artillery observer in Europe.

Rather, he half saw the elephant.  When he turned 18 around 1943 and was accepted to Georgia Tech, he and other students went down and signed up.  He had everything they were looking for except one thing:  he was blind in one eye (since birth).  They did not ask, and he did not tell.  When the time came for his vision test, he very dutifully put his left hand over his left eye and read the chart.  When the time came to test the left eye, he put his right hand over his left eye and read with the right eye again.  He demonstrated to me what he did, and did it so well I can see how he got away with it then and two other times he had to take an eye exam. 

They did indeed stand up to serve, and did not let little things like age, blindness, or other things that could be hidden stop them.  Bless them all.