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Virgin Atlantic/Richard Branson Follow-Up

As long as I am in a highly PO'd mood courtesy of several factors including self-important petty tyrants making legal threats against a brother without cause or need, well, I might as well go whole hog here. 

I first wrote about the despicable and disgusting treatment of PO Howse here, and explained for the slow why I was so upset here.  I've been in touch with Virgin Atlantic (and no, no more free links for them), but have not heard from Sir Richard (too busy attacking the 2nd Amendment and freedom, and accusing the NRA of murdering children to reply), and I have not been able to contact PO Howse or her family despite several efforts to do so.  That's important, as until a statement is made by her or a representative, the matter is still open as there is no other way to know if she has accepted the apology and/or anything has been done to try to make up for the shameful humiliation to which she was unconscionably subjected.

Virgin's official statement will be below the fold, but I'm not impressed with it.  See my parsing of statements in the previous stories as to why.  Feh. 

Sir Richard's contacting PO Howse was via e-mail, apparently too busy talking about being nice to women to do anything substantive about his staff humiliating her.  At least the head of customer service had the balls to call her in person. 

No real answers to any of the questions I asked, the statement is all they are saying as they hope this quickly fades away (and swept under the rug one can imagine).  Well, I think you can count on my not forgetting, and continuing to follow-up on this. 

Meantime, no links and no business to any part of the Virgin empire if I can help it:  Virgin Air, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Travel, Virgin Entertainment, etc.  When the founder can't be bothered to call someone wronged as badly as PO Howse was; when it is far more important to talk about supporting women rather than fixing when his empire clearly wronged a woman; and, when it is far more important to attack freedoms in another country because of his, er, shortcomings  -- well, that's time for me to take my business elsewhere.  What you do is up to you, but at least you have some food for thought as you decide. 

Also, Virgin Atlantic and Sir Richard, the questions I asked in the first two stories still stand.  Anyone there have the fortitude and integrity to answer them? 

UPDATE/NOTE:  G4S also issued a pseudo-apology over the deliberate and despicapble actions of their "officer."  Does anyone have the fortitude to simply say "we screwed up, we are sorry, and we are doing X, Y, & Z to make sure it doesn't happen again" ???  Is it really that freaking hard?

Below are statements from Virgin Atlantic in regards to the uniformed officer incident at London Heathrow:
Virgin Atlantic does not have a policy which prevents passengers traveling in uniform and we are pleased to welcome any military personnel on board our flights in uniform. This was a completely isolated case in which our staff were incorrectly advised by a security agent that the passenger would have to remove her uniform.
We have made contact with the passenger in question to express our deep regret for any upset caused.
We apologize for any offence caused by the mistaken advice given by one of our officers to Virgin ground staff concerning uniforms on flights. We can confirm an investigation is underway and all security teams and stations have been reminded that military personnel are permitted to travel in uniform.

As a major employer of former servicemen and women we regret that this incident happened and will be apologizing to Ms Howse as soon as possible.