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Really USO?

UPDATE:  Sadly, it appears the USO has doubled down on stupid.  There will be more to come from TSO, who is livid right now over the response received.  With this coming on top of reports that the USO is going after the "One Boy USO" as well, it seems that someone has indeed shot themselves higher than in the foot. If there is any adult in charge at the USO, please step forward, you are urgently needed.

When I read this post over at TAH, my jaw hit the floor.  I think a lot of the USO overall, and know that it is not a monolithic organization, and that there are in fact several USOs because of the national USO going away for a while years ago.  That said, there is the big USO, and the ones like the USO of Indiana that are part of but separate from the big one. 

Seems someone at the big USO got their panties in a twist over a four-year-old post by The Sniper and demanded he take down his blog.  What's more, no one at the district or national seems to know how to respond to e-mails, even when they've been given the f*****g e-mail addy four or more times.  A chirpy comment on a post is NOT an acceptable response and in fact is pretty damn amateurish and unhelpful IMO. If you can't be bothered to respond to e-mails sent multiple times by the legal representative for the person you are going after, don't make things worse by pretending you don't have it.

The Sniper has a response, and I sincerely hope that the adults get involved and deal with this issue.  I think Dallas might need a new director, one who has a brain, courage, inegrity, and more.  For me, I have no faith or confidence in the lady currently in charge, much less whoever is helping her at HQ.  I also think I'm going to continue doing what I can for the USO of Indiana, who does a great job looking after troops in Indiana (and special call out to the wonderful people at Camp Atterbury!).

Again, the USO has done a lot of good, and it is a shame that someone in their organization is trying so hard to destroy that, and to drive a wedge between the milblogs and the USO.  I sincerely hope that is not some new corporate policy, as I would love to be able to continue to support the USO. 

Mr. Sinise, if you still read here, help please? Any adult at HQ?  The Dallas director has administered a shot to the foot, and I would hate to see it move up any higher than it already has. Keep in mind, you attack one, you attack all and like The Sniper, I hate bullies.