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Flag Carrier Strips Flag Wearer?

Richard Branson:  Heads-Up! 

Courtesy of Instapundit this morning, comes the sordid and despicable tale of a Royal Navy engineer -- a 15 year veteran with multiple deployments -- forced to strip out of uniform and into black pajamas by the the airline that claims to be Britain's flag carrier.

If you read the story, the problems apparently started with a security agent from G4S who then escalated things with the apparent willing help of agents with Virgin Atlantic. This heroine was publicly and deliberately humiliated while on travel to attend a family funeral, and lied to by the Virgin staff. 

Frankly, the statements by Virgin in regard this is insufficient, despicable, and deplorable.  The dismissive, self-serving, ass-covering comment is enough to make blood boil on its own. So will the response to date by G4S, who apparently isn't motivated to investigate or do anything else as the Petty Officer has not made a formal complaint to them. To both companies:  this is called FAIL, and is a PR screwup beyond your wildest imaginations.

Mr. Branson:  Step up now and in public admit that you/your staff screwed up, that this was a travesty, that those responsible WILL be dealt with up to and including sacking the lot of them; and, if this was all at the instigation of an agent of G4S, then that person needs to be sacked as well.  Also, you -- I repeat YOU -- need to step up and make a public apology and reparations -- as does G4S.  You talk a lot, now walk and let the world see you walk the talk.

As for G4S, they do work all over the world, including the U.S.  Given this situation, I would strongly recommend that anyone doing business with them review that work; and, anyone considering using their services keep this in mind when making a decision. 

You should not treat anyone this way, but for the alleged flag-carrier for a nation to do this to a serving member of Her Majesty's armed forces is beyond the pale.  It must not stand.

I sincerely doubt that Mr. Branson or G4S will do right on this, as it would force them to admit a mistake/problem.  Can't have that you know, as it opens liability doors don't you know /sarcasm. In other words, easier to say little, do nothing, and s**t on a lady who has a larger pair than the combined managers in both corporations. 

Mr. Branson, please prove me wrong.

If any of you care to let Sir Richard know how you feel, you can reach him at:

@richardbranson -- Twitter

Virgin Headquarters 0844 8110 000

And, you can ask G4S if they have a complaint yet, and your thoughts on what is in the article, here.


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