Blackfive - Out of the Office
Murph The Protector

An Internet Meme You Should Meet

Well, Blackfive is out of the office, but someone has to sleep on the office floor after early celebrations staff the duty post.  Since I got the detail, I thought I would introduce you to someone you should know. 

The image is one of several that have become iconic.  Many of them were shot by the talented Oleg Volk, and start with her as a very young girl. 

Well, she is now 15 (so down boys!) and I would point out that she not only knows modern and ancient weapons, but also a fair bit of hand-to-hand and will whip your rears in almost any music competition too.  Fair warning, she's also Mad Mike's daughter. 

If you want to know a bit more about what it's like to be an internet meme sensation, and more, go here and read what I think is her first interview.  I can tell you that it is a true pleasure to know her, and to have loaned her duct tape for an impromptu art project (and learned to ask why she wants something in the process).  Go read a nice interview with a smart and talented young lady.