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Don't be so defensive

There is a brilliant Op-Ed written by a Marine officer in the Washington Post today. While it touches on some issues about the military, its point is that America has become defensive to the point of losing what makes us great. It is a perfect reminder that we are not a country in decline, or one that should yield to the rest of the world. We are one whose commitment to freedom and willingness to help others has made it possible for the rest of the world to start catching up to us.

After the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the United States sent its military off to war and fretted about post-traumatic stress disorder — but paid little attention to the fact that America itself was traumatized. Americans became angry and withdrawn. We are fearful and paranoid because after a strike on our nation we chose to focus on defense rather than the resilience and vitality that made America great. In our defensive mind-set, we bristle at every change in a world undergoing an epochal transformation.

We have little reason to be so negative. Certainly the rest of the world is gaining on us, but this represents the success of explicit U.S. policies. After World War II, the United States sought to create a world of economic interdependence and prosperity, hoping to banish the malaise that helped precipitate a global conflict. The prospect of rapid growth in the developing world was not viewed as a threat but rather offered the promise of robust markets for American goods and ingenuity. We were confident and focused on the positive tasks of expanding our economy rather than fearing change.

Take a few minutes and read his whole piece. Then get off your butt and back to the business of keeping America great. Yeah the looters and moochers are in charge and doing their level best to suck the life out of the productive class, but they can't win that fight. The battle now is for the culture that says we earned this and we will pass a better world on to the next generation. Let's get rolling.