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Calling all Phils (but especially *you*, bronstein)

UPDATE 1:  B5 sends me a Twitchy link where 'Jennifer' steps all in it again; trying to defend the indefensible; he still doesn't get it right.

Another Twitchy link, where the MSM goes all-in, and makes even bigger fools of themselves.  Ezra Klein, military benefits commentater?  Really?  I need to look at writing for the Economist.  At least I understand capitalism...

Nextly, TSO and the farm team at TAH links 'Jennifer's' article to IVAW and the Winter Soldier crowd; 'Jennifer' the 'investigative reporter' most affected.

I'm going all in and call this an outing for Obamacare...

Original Post: Hopefully, most of you have read or at least heard about the article in Esquire yesterday about 'The Shooter', supposedly the SEAL that shot Bin Laden.  I'm not linking it here, as you'll see why.

We here at B5 and other places have been discussing this amongst ourselves, and among some of the operators out there.  We have all come to a conclusion:

Something ain't right, Jackson.

See, here's this SEAL guy, who supposedly was a main character in the single most important mission of the GWOT, who took out the most wanted man on the planet, and he just ups and walks away from it, not looking to ensure he has healthcare or anything?  That he has no options BEFORE he walks out?

Really?  Can he be that stupid?  Do people in the military with health issues really leave without any backstop?

I doubt it.  More like the author, Phil Bronstein, made this thing up, or he was rolled.  And I don't mean Rickrolled.  Phil, I'm calling you out on this one.  And it's not just this singular article.  From his Wiki entry:

Phil Bronstein is a journalist and editor.  He serves as executive chair of the board for the Center for Investigative Reporting in Berkeley, California.  He is best known for his work as a war correspondent and investigative journalist.

He went on to reoprt from conflict areas around the world as a foreign correspondent for eight years... Peru, the Middle East, El Salvador and the Phillipines.

 See, he's been in 'conflict areas'.  I cannot find any reference or story where he's been in Iraq, Afghanistan, or even Bosnia.  But he's a 'war correspondent'.   Really?  Which war?  Was the U.S. involved in it?  Talking to warriors does not make you a 'war correspondent'. 

See Mr Phil, I don't think this is all adding up.  As we've seen, ST6 is not a term used anymore; hasn't been for many years.  And I doubt he'd be using it just in front of you.  Does DELTA still use that name for themselves?  Don't think so.  That would out a phony pretty quick.

The main thing with this article that really burns is that this 'SEAL' is left hanging.  I don't think that's the case here.  I think either you've been rolled, Mr Phil, or you don't have the full story, or you don't know enough to even ask.  See we here at Blackfive constitute a military blog- we have enough experience among us to recognize when something ain't right- and your story ain't cutting it so far.  And to me, your background ain't either.

Why would a team guy go blabbing to a journo with no military cred, who has basically been hanging out in San Fran all his life?   Berkeley, in fact.  Not San Diego, where he might meet a few dudes like this over the years and build rapport.  Or near Ft Bragg, or in Florida.  Hell, even DC.  Is it possible that Phil has 'connections' that set him up with this dude, in order to put even more 'spin' for the administration?  I'm not going that far...yet. 

Further in his article for Esquire, Phil quotes the wife: "the loss of income and insurance and no pension aside, she can no longer walk onto a local base... they've surrendered their military IDs."  "He's lost some vision, he can't get his neck straight for any period of time..."  If this were indeed the case, this is easy stuff to document in the out-processing; and they DO do a medical when you out-process for a separation physical.  Period.  If his vision, alone, was affected, they'd document it.  Neck issues?  The x-rays would pick it up.

He then writes that according to Shooter, ''if I come back alive and retire, I won't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of for the rest of my life.''  So what do you have now?  If Shooter had retired, he'd have an income and med coverage, at a minimum.  So he comes back from the 4-month deployment, leaves, and STILL has nothing?  He'd have been better off waiting.  At 18 years, he could have reached 'sanctuary' and been what we call 'retired on active duty'. 

More and more issues show up the more I read the article.  It's good fiction, but that's all it is- fiction. 

Phil, I think you'd make a better 'Jennifer' than a 'Phil'.  Yeah.  Let's call you 'Jennifer'.  You don't rate a 'Susan'. 

For all you vets out there, hit us in the comments if you've ever had, or heard of, someone separating without some medical eval, and going on without ANY coverage if you've served combat and had injuries.  I just don't see it.  Neither do others I've talked to.  If you want, hit me at the email listed in the sidebar and I'll compile it for you.

And 'Jennifer', it's time you came clean on this.  We need some better explanation or proof...