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Battle Mug!

Joe Lundberg and his Battle Mug

Suppose one day you and some friends (most/all veterans) were sitting around talking, and trying to figure out what you were going to do with a number of spare M4 carry handles.  What would you do? 

The Original, The Polymer, The Battle Shot

Would you think of making what has to be the most bad-ass mug of them all, and using the handles on them?  Would you think of using it to make a point (or three?)?  Would you take it to the next step and using the idea to save/create jobs here in the U.S.?  And, take that a step beyond?  Well, that's what Joe Lundberg, the founder of Battle Mug did, but let's hear it from him. 


I really do need to introduce Joe to the Ranger Up folks, and want to thank him again for an amazing time.  If you live within two to three hours of Monteagle, TN, you want to go check out Dave's Modern Tavern. Food from scratch, and the bar fare beats some more "upscale" I've had to pieces. 


Oink-Moo Burger: hamburger topped with Gorgonzola and home-made pulled pork

Oh, and so you know:  each mug has a serial number.  It starts life as a 14-pound chunk of aluminum that is machined down, and includes three rails.  This is then hard anodized, and is ready to ship.  You have to provide your own handle, and other gear with which you deck it out.  It is not inexpensive (or cheap).  Nor is the polymer version that is now out.  Like the original, it too is made in America.  So are their shirts and hats.  The products are all a statement, about craftsmanship, pride, self-reliance, exceptionalism. 

Battle Mug:  It's not for everyone.  Do you measure up? 


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