A Lovely Parting Gift - Mr Panetta To Authorize Women For Combat Roles
Photo: Bastogne Bulldogs at Altitude

Needs Of The Service....

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Before we set about heading down the road of me once again explaining why chicks fighting our wars in the combat arms means the end of our civilization, I want everyone reading this to take a long look at that picture and understand what it means. 

The needs of the service come before the needs of the soldier.  And we will make our way to that, I promise.

Everyone that reads this blog understands where we are coming from, and I respect LW, LongTabSigO and the others that have given their opinions here regarding the evolution of women being assigned to combat arms.  The last time I waxed poetic is here, to refresh yourself with the topic if you are just joining us.

SecDef Panetta's parting shot at completing the destruction of military readiness and taking yet another brick out of the walls that support our modern society will undoubtedly be hailed by the Lamestream Media as a giant leap for womankind in allowing them to finally be able to have the same opportunity to hump a M240B machinegun up and down the mountains and dodge enemy fire just like every other man in the unit.  Many of us, who have walked those mountains, assaulted those cities and lived to tell about it know something that many in society do not.

Historically, societies that have placed women in combat arms positions were seen to be unable to continue to exist without them in those positions.  I think it speaks volumes about what value we place on women, how we esteem them and what we think of their value to us.  But in the larger sense, as it relates to military affairs and our ability to fight and win the nations wars, it says even more...

I think the statement that this makes about women in our society is that they are now no longer to be given deference to.  When we start using the womenfolk as warriors, that says to me that we don't value the other things that are more important; motherhood and child rearing come to mind.  I know that liberals and leftists are attempting to deny biology and nature, but that will not make it so.  I respect women and the things that they provide to not only me, but society.  Allowing women to be in a place where they are locked in mortal, close combat is as normal to me as a fish riding a bicycle.

I am most tired of being told that just because liberals say that women will be great warriors in the combat arms and that we should let them try.  Just saying it over and over does not mean it will be so.  I have watched them and lead them and I have seen how with only a few very notable exceptions, they are unable to carry the same loads that male soldiers carry, I have watched them struggle to do some of the most basic tasks that male soldiers have no problems completing.  I have seen them use their gender to avoid work and their plumbing to avoid deployment, and unfortunately for the women; the few bad apples taints the whole bushel when it comes to this career field.

If you think it is just a matter of just training them and putting them in the job, I want you to watch this and see if you think a cohort of women 18 to 25 years old and a cohort of men 18 to 25 years can do this job (among many) and pay attention to what all of the soldiers are doing, lifting and pushing. If you think that they are ready for SOF training, have a look at this and tell me how long this kind of training would last once we get some wilting flowers taking part.

And what do you think is going to happen when Senators Feinstein, Boxer, and Snowe get a look at what Infantry OSUT at Ft. Benning REALLY looks like?  How long do you think it will be before the Commander of TRADOC is sitting in a hearing room staring at CSPAN cameras explaining why this training is necessary while these three are tut-tutting him about how abusive it is and how they have letters from concerned mothers regarding how their little precious bundles are being treated by those terrible drill instructors, who as it turns out, are male (because they are in the Infantry)....  How long before the standards start taking a dive into the nearest porta-john so that anyone who can run a mile in 48 minutes while carrying two 30 round magazines and half a canteen of water will be able to join the units at the tip of the spear?

The most basic premise to this is that the reasons for this discrimination, and it is discrimination, is that the US Army discriminates so that soldiers (male and female) who can't lift enough, run fast enough, or shoot well enough to be the strongest, fastest and most dangerous warriors are screened out.  This discrimination is done so that units have the best opportunity to win in combat.  

This decision affects readiness in so many ways.   The needs of the service do not currently dictate that we place women in positions requiring them to close with the enemy and kill them.  The only possible way that this has an upside is if the infantry trains, lives and fights just like the Infantry in Starship Troopers.

And to my point with the ladies and the sign...

The oath to serve your country did not include a contract for normal luxury.  You will not be afforded the courtesies that you have been accustomed to if you choose to live your life, or a portion of it, in the combat arms.  The brotherhood of warriors in the combat arms that you are choosing to attempt to join is filled with indignities, filth, blood, violence, and pain. Warriors have rituals to harden their minds and bodies; and they are painful.  They have lessons that need to be learned before you can fight, and they are difficult.  This brotherhood is going to exact a toll upon you like you have never known.

Toughness is the currency for which these things are bought and many times it will be that you do not have enough to pay. You have chosen to be the one who is uncomfortable so that others may be comfortable.  You have chosen to fight so that others will not have to. 

From this time forward, you will never have the comfort of being able to have the choice to avoid being dirty, bloody, or in grave danger. Your complaints about naughty words, general grab-assery, cold meals, terrible living conditions, lack of privacy, non-existent cleanliness, and deprivation of all kinds will be given no quarter.  

This is life in the combat arms, based upon the needs of the service.

There are reasons that Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher are in the NFL, and there are reasons that only men should be allowed to be in combat arms, and if you can't figure out why, well......  

Your name might be Leon Panetta...