The Worrisome Veteran -- Updated

How many bullets to kill a deer?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo of NY is a quite ordinary political tool of the left. Consequently he is making quite ordinarily toolish statements about gun control.

“I say to you forget the extremists. It’s simple — no one hunts with an assault rifle. No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer and too many people have died already,” Cuomo said.

First I would like to agree with part of his statement. Anyone who needs 10 bullets to kill a deer has no business hunting. One shot, one kill is a good motto for hunters of deer as well as hunters of men. But the reference to deerslaying is exactly the problem Mr. Cuomo. The Second Amendment was not designed to protect my god-given right to procure a tasty morsel of venison. It was written and added to our Constitution because our Founders had the foresight to know that statist wankers, such as yourself, would overstep their bounds. Just as you and the chorus of ill-informed, ignorant rights trashers are attempting to exploit a tragedy to do right now. That includes the gutsy caller who may use an executive order or two to do what th democratic process can't and shouldn't.

So let me be clear here, my right to own weapons is primarily for the purpose of protecting myself and my family. If Bambi catches a bullet from time to time and becomes lunch that is an added benefit, but not the sole rationale for that right. And back to Mr. Cuomo's stunningly dense statement, I may very well want to put 10 rounds in a scumbag hopped up on meth who thinks my castle has some treasure he can use to fuel his binge. Heck, I may want to reload and put a second magazine into him just in case. As we discussed, this lady ran out of bullets as she was ventilating a home invader and protecting her children. I think she would have welcomed the few more bullets you claim are unnecessary. I imagine the folks wiped out by Sandy and getting hammered by looters and rapists could use a nice high capacity magazine for their own zombie scumbag apocalypse.You couldn't manage to get them electricity let alone keep them safe.

Just out of curiosity Guvnah, how many rounds are in the magazines of the squads of armed men protecting your pampered ass? I can only assume they are carrying single action Colt Peacemakers with the properly blessed six rounds, although .45 caliber is kind of excessive isn't it. Perhaps we could have them rechambered to a more politically correct .22 cal. You are a hypocritical, gun-grabbing control freak trying to make sure no crisis or tragedy goes to waste.

In your own state the places with the most restrictive gun laws have the most gun crime. Yet you can't trouble your marginal intellect to ponder the why of that. I'll help. Law-abiding citizens obey laws, that axiomatic statement should generate no argument even from one as logically-challenged as your self. Let me run another one by you. Criminals, also known as law-breakers, do not obey laws. Try and keep up sir, I know it makes your head hurt, but this is important. Crazy people don't know, or care, if there are laws or what they say. So.....making more and dumber laws will affect only the one of those three groups and guess what sir, it is the one that is not slaughtering innocents. It is the group that by virtue of your bone-ass ignorant desire to simply do something, you turn into the victims of the other two groups.

So STFU about how many bullets anyone needs. You are busy enough making sure all your welfare recipients can get a healthy supply of government cash from ATMs at the strip clubs they frequent. Jack ass!