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Myfriend Fran Townsend (@frantownsend) posted this article from Forbes that should be of significant interest.  Often the best good ideas are born of tragedy that spurs a feeling of "never again".

The Tragedy:

Sergeant Clay Hunt killed himself on March 31, 2011. He was a 28-year old Marine Corps Purple Heart recipient with multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Hunt also suffered from post traumatic stress disorder.

At his funeral, two close friends and fellow co-founders of Team Rubicon, Sgt. William McNulty and Sgt. Jacob Wood discovered that Hunt had additional Marine Corps friends that had actually resided within a 15-mile radius where Hunt had lived.

However, none of those nearby Marines knew Hunt was in need, let alone that he was just a few miles away.

The Solution:

An app (currently only for iOS but Android version is inbound) designed to connect Servicepersonnel who served together.  Essentially a way to maintain the bond that military service (combat or not) engendered.

POS REP, short for ‘position report’, was conceived by McNulty, Wood and Anthony Allman, another military veteran-turned entrepreneur, to prevent the next Clay Hunt tragedy.

This mobile application provides a location-enabled, social network exclusively for the military veteran community. While POS REP’s main purpose is to reconnect veterans who served together, its underlying significance is to connect veterans to peers and resources within their communities.

For more info on the app:  www.pos-rep.com

Article here:  http://www.forbes.com/sites/shaunso/2013/01/24/a-tragic-veteran-suicide-spawns-an-entrepreneurial-call-to-action/ 

Update:  Blackfive busting in here to say this is a great follow up to a piece we did last April -  we've been onboard with POS REP for awhile.  Great to see Forbes pick up on it.