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Bush's Gitmo evil, Obama's Gitmo just peachy

It has been more than a little comical to watch the lefties who spent all their waking hours howling at the moon about the evils of the Bush team, suddeny be struck mute, or worse simply change their tune and support the continuance or even expansion of the same policies by the gutsy caller.

The Presidential Kill List- complete with American citizens getting zero due process and actually vaporized.

Just an example of how Obama takes his job so seriously that he wants to personally draw a red x on the picture of today's chosen about-to-be-dead tango.

Drones and Hellfires for all my friends- The greatest expansion of extra-judicial killing on our country's history, a global hunting license, essentially turning the CIA into his unaccountable robot Army, all with no Congressional oversight.

This President takes national security very seriously and look how he has figured out how to avoid those pesky interrogations. Now we simply stick a Hellfire missile up the ass of a suspected terrorist (and his family). So, so much better than getting wet and asking them questions about all their friends.

Now let me be clear, I wholeheartedly support these policies, well not the lack of capture and interrogation. But it is the hypocrisy of the morally superior left that is so nauseating. The greatest evil ever faced by mankind was the creation of the torture factory and most-unconstitutional thing evah- GITMO. The orange jumpsuit became synonymous with Amerikkka under the tyrant Bush. Fast forward to the enlightenment and benevolence under the reign of the One. Suddenly everything bad is good again.

A perfect example is the physics and logic-defying gymnastics performed by one of the most hysterical of the Gitmo-despising, al-Qaeda coddling harpies Ms. Jennifer Daskal, former head Bush-hater at Human Rights Watch. She has an Op-ed in the NYT explaining why we should now keep Gitmo open because, well basically because Barry O says there are bad men there and his word is good enough for her.

Now, almost four years later, I have changed my mind. Despite recognizing the many policy imperatives in favor of closure, despite the bipartisan support for this position, and despite the fact that 166 men still languish there, I now believe that Guantánamo should stay open — at least for the short term.

While I have been slow to come to this realization, the signs have been evident for some time. Three years ago, Barack Obama’s administration conducted a comprehensive review of the Guantánamo detainees and concluded that about four dozen prisoners couldn’t be prosecuted, but were too dangerous to be transferred or released. They are still being held under rules of war that allow detention without charge for the duration of hostilities.

So Barry's guys took a look at these folks (which she worked on), the same guys W's jack-booted thugs refused to turn loose (denying their avowed intention and Allah-given right to rejoin the jihad) and now all of a sudden they can be legally held without trial indefinitely. WOW!

While the specific numbers have most likely shifted over time, the basic categories persist. These are men whom the current administration will not transfer, release or prosecute, so long as the legal authority to detain, pursuant to the law of war, endures.

So there is a legal authority to detain them and it is pursuant to the laws of war. Set the wayback machine for the reign of the tyrant Bush and let's get Ms. Daskal's thoughts on that.

"Guantanamo has undermined America's moral authority around the world," said Jennifer Daskal, senior counterterrorism counsel at Human Rights Watch. "President Obama should make closing the detention center one of his first orders of business."

"The problem with Guantanamo is not the place, but the system of indefinite detention without charge," said Daskal.

So let me try to grasp this, because I am sure there must have been some fundamental change to the law, or the prisoners, or the treaties....right? Nope, simply a change to the jailer in chief and Ms. Daskal is so intellectually, morally and ethically rigorous in her beliefs that the mere presence of her guy in office changes everything. Bravo Ma'am, you just made F John Kerry seem principled.

I favored drone strikes, enhanced interrogations and indefinite detention for jihadis under W, and in a display of integrity Ms. Daskal obviously lacks, I still support them under O. Principles, you should try them Jennifer.