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Bumping:  You can vote once a day on the cheerleader competition, and I hope you will do so.  Thanks to you, the dynamic crew of readers at TAH, and the strong efforts by WOTN, she has moved up the rankings.  Now, let's pour it on and put her in the lead.  Thank you all so much!  And thanks to LC, who won the comment of the day yesterday.  *G*

The daughter of a friend has the chance to become an Indianapolis Colts cheerleader.  Now, this is a nice young lady from my meeting her a few times, her mom is a very nice lady who happens to work in a place where they are doing research that might just help those injured on the battlefield, and, this won't cost a dime or even a registration.  All you have to do is go here and click vote for Kaiti C. You have scroll down, and click, that is it.  You can also vote once a day for as long as the contest runs. 

For those on Facebook, a countermeme and a nice bit of social commentary from Friend of Blackfive Mad Mike WIlliamson: If This Page Gets 1 Million Likes My Cat Gets A Pound Of Bacon.  Please, if you are on Facebook, click like for the kitty!  And the bacon!! 

Please share these as you can, and I really appreciate the votes for Kaiti C


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