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The London Evening Standard's 'Quote of the Day'

Many of you are probably aware of the recent story out of London, in which an Australian radio team pranked a hospital into giving out information about the royal pregnancy.  The nurse who gave out the information apparently committed suicide in shame.  

Today Richard Dawkins, a smart man who makes a habit of saying dumb things, gave his opinion on the matter.  Because of his importance, it became the 'Quote of the Day' for a major British paper.

'Stop the witch hunt. Like Bradley Manning, the Australian hospital hoaxers have been punished enough'

You guys can do what you like with your radio hosts, but -- assuming he is found guilty via due process -- Bradley Manning has not yet begun to be punished enough.  That's a mode of thinking that just needs to stop now.  He stands accused of betraying his brothers to their enemies.  

Of old, we'd have hung a man proved guilty of that.  It's not a mark of our sophistication that we won't do it today.  It's a mark of our decadence.  There's an old poem about a time 'when all men are paid for existing, and no man must pay for his sins.'  It is a poem that is perilously close to a prophecy.