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Mass shootings require curtailing rights

The time for action is now. The recent spate of mass shootings must finally spur us to do what must be done. We need press control. That's right, the media is out of control and they are enabling and certainly promoting the sick bastards who are slaughtering innocents. The Founders could not have  envisioned a 24/7 news cycle with blaring soundtracks, garish headlines, and a relentless, almost pornographic sensationalism. There is no doubt the sad souls who plot these horrors can picture their faces beaming from screens around the world. They gain a notoriety they could never achieve otherwise and the ghouls who give them a stage must bear their responsibility.

Back in the day, you had to take quill to parchment, or if you were doing mass media you could run off a couple of hundred pamphlets. The high capacity, assault weapons of cable news and the internet were as unimagined in colonal times as nuclear weapons. The Bill of Rights is not  suicide pact and an unabridged press does not mean very channel should be as well-armed as the New York Times. Semi-automatic handguns have been around since the 1890s but school shootings are a much more recent development. What has changed since then? Instant fame, or more properly infamy, that's what and it is time to put some common sense controls on the folks who give these losers a chance to live forever.

Sound familiar? Just swap out the Second Amendment for the First and you have the cacophony of bad ideas currently being thrown at a problem that is only tangentially related to the actual tool use to perpetrate these massacres. Froggy did an excellent job of spotlighting the dismal failure of the "reforms" to mental health treatment. If you don't want crazy people shooting, or stabbing, or poisoning innocents, maybe you should deal with the crazy people. The particular method they use to kill doesn't really matter all that much to the people who are just as dead from an bludgeoning as a bullet.

The urge to do something, anything, in the wake of a slaughter like Newtown is powerful. The number and variety of gun control schemes advanced is staggering. The moral high ground is occupied and fire rains down on we unenlightened few who refuse to acknowledge the simple fact that guns kill people. But why have they decided to kill school kids now? Have the guns changed? No, not in any significant way in almost a hundred years. 1922 is when John Browning gave us the high capacity magazine and for some reason there was no massive increase in schoolyard slayings when 13 rds of 9mm were suddenly available. It took a coarsening ot our culture, a coddling of crazies and a cornucopia of cable news coverage to create this.The guns are just a scapegoat.

The problem cannot be solved without removing guns completely and there is absolutely zero chance of that happening. Even if a law was passed, it could never be enforced and would simply disarm, or worse, make criminals out of formerly law-abiding citizens. The places withe the tightest gun laws have the most gun murders. Most of the mass shootings happen in gun-free zones. How freakin' hard is that to comprehend? Much too hard apparently. So we get pontificating douchebags who are willing to subcontract their own security and simply hope for the best. Well sorry folks, but when you need a cop immediately they are only minutes away and they are bringing chalk for your outline and calling the coroner. That is not good enough for me and that is why the Second Amendment exists, and will always exist.

So STFU about the guns and show some sympathy and respect for the families.