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It's Not Me, It's You

But in a good way.  Long story short, between hacking old and possibly new, plus a server migration, plus some other issues, my site The Laughing Wolf is dead.  Well, the software that drove it is dead, stiff as a board, deceased, and other such words. 

So, The Laughing Wolf is reborn with new software.  Sadly, some things happened to keep me from rescuing all the old posts (at least for now), so we are starting over.  

That's where it's all you, and about you.  Comments are once again enabled, but what I need to know is what you would like to see on the site.  Items, features, widgets, and more -- what do you want to see there as the real users of the site?  Where do you want it?  Let me know, and in my copious free time I will do my best to get done what I can so the site is user friendly.  I post, but you are the user, so let me know. 

And, yeah, I was hoping to be in Afghanistan by Christmas, but that did not work out.  As I noted earlier, the high-level PAO now involved says it will be early January before they get things worked out.  Not having heard from them, I presume that is still a go and operating accordingly.  That said, I've also put out th word that I do have ITOs, and if someone else wants an embed to please let me know.  I may have missed Christmas, but New Year's is still possible for a unit that can think and move quickly.  Want to know more, check out this post.  Meantime, let me know what you would like to see on the "new" site.