Go Army, Beat Navy! - Honoring West Point
Book Review: Victory at Yorktown

Go Army, Beat Navy - Yet Honoring the Navy

In order to be fair to the Navy, I am posting this video:

**Disclaimer for the Humorless: During every Army-Navy Game rivalry, I've gotten some really nasty emails (by looks of them, all from civilians) regarding name-calling and the rivalry around this game. I think that they must be from civilians because I can't think of anybody that I know in all FIVE services that hasn't called me a doggie, grunt or ground pounder in a friendly manner at some point. There are two major violations of the inter-service rivalry name calling (1) when you really use it derogatorily/mean it and (2) when you've never worn the uniform. Last word, remember that the young men on the football field tomorrow will soon be leading troops and fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan or where-ever-the-hell-else we send them.**