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Embed, Embed, Who Wants An Embed

Know I owe some posts, such a follow-up to the tease I posted the other day, but I've been fighting the lung crud and dealing with background issues. 

Among those background issues is the new revised embed.  Last week, I met with a MG at Bragg, and he had a very good idea for an embed and a story that has not been done.  I liked him, and liked the story.  However, it will take up to another month for his staff to set it up I am told. Yep, yet more delay. 

The fact is, I need to be working.  I have my ITOs.  If there is a unit over there that would like a visit from Blackfive, one that has the potential to be long term, drop me aline.  I've not given up hope for the new revised embed, but I also can't afford to sit around waiting.