How Liberty Dies

Where is Uncle J?


My day job has taken me to the lovely garden spot of Ft. Bliss, TX. We are down here demonstrating our data security software to the Army's team who run the Network Integration Evaluation. This is the newest way the military is using to field gear that the troops can use as quickly as possible. If it works down here in the hands of an actual Brigade Combat team, then it is allowed to be purchased without the ususal goat rope.

So we are showing how we can take any kind of digital content (email, photo, map overlay etc.) and secure it at rest on phones, tablets and laptops and also secure it in transit as it wings around the desert and over satellite to infintiy and beyond. If for some reason you are in the AO I will be around through Friday. Ping me at jimbo ay unclejimbo dot com and I can set a link up.