To all our Veterans -- thank you!

Unit Mottos

In my years of service, I've served in units with great mottos, including

"De Oppresso Liber" - Liberate the Oppressed,

"Strike and Kill",

"Penetra Le Tenebre" - Penetrate the Shadows (or Darkness),

"Never Fail"

(and when absolutely required, "We Transmit").

(There is one other but, for personal reasons, I will not share here.) 

More than words, they represent ideas of service, action, and history that serve to bind past, present and future menbers. This is part of what i ponder on Veterans Day.

What unit mottos from your Service most resonate in this way to you?

(Actual unit/regiment mottos, please. Not the trite bumpersticker nonsense. We can do that on another day).