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Some things to be thankful for...

Thanksgiving Thoughts

As today occurs, for each of us in its own unique way, I ask that you take pause and reflect on what this day means to you. This is a big holiday for some. This is a bittersweet day for others. This is just a day to eat, work, or play for yet others. 

Let's pause to share warm thoughts and good cheer for those who cannot celebrate the day in the way they wish to because of their situation, their job, or a decision to make a compromise. Tomorrow you can lament what is, what is not; what could be, or should be, but is not. I ask that, at least for TODAY, be happy with where you are today, what you're doing today, and those with whom you are sharing this day. 

From Facebook:

This Thanksgiving, crowded dining room tables all across the country will have an empty chair. A chair that is usually filled by a loved one who is stationed overseas fighting for our country.

This Thanksgiving we want all of our troops to know they are loved and they are missed. Please help spread the word by SHARING this picture. It may be a small gesture, but it is important we keep what really matters in mind during this season of giving thanks.


Enjoy your day!