Nov. 5 in U.S. military history
Ah, so this is what "leaders" do ...

Team Rubicon In Action - Helping Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Message (which has my complete support) from Jake Wood & Will McNulty - founders of Team Rubicon:

As this week draws to a close we reflect back upon the devastating events of Hurricane Sandy. The destruction left in the wake of this storm is epic in proportion, but so is the resiliency of the communities hit. Among the horror we find hope, and with hope we find a way forward.

Team Rubicon's incredible volunteers and regional leaders have been working tirelessly since Saturday, doing everything from rescue ops, to shelter management and debris removal. Their efforts show the incredible potential our nation's veterans have to be stalwarts in our neighborhoods across the nation.

In the coming days Team Rubicon will launch its boldest, most ambitious operation ever. By this time next week we hope to have 1,000 military veterans move into affected communities to lead recovery efforts and establish a battle plan to return to normalcy. Street by street, home by home; It will be Fallujah, but with chainsaws and shovels instead of tanks and rifles.

Never before have we needed your help as much as we do now. The success of this operation will depend on our ability to equip, feed, and house these men and women. The support of TR Nation will be critical, just as it was in the days after the Haiti Earthquake.

With your support, we can do this. We have issued a call to action. Will you answer?