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President Obama and GEN (ret) Petraeus - Conspiracy Theory or Occam's Razor

"I don't have any reason to think that there are any national security issues at stake in what has transpired." - referring to the Petraeus affair scandal, Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader (and either a liar or completely absent of rationale thought)

General Petraeus will now testify to the House and the Senate Intel Committees.  However, there is much concern over whether the administration was using knowledge of his affair(s?) to control the narrative coming out of the Benghazi tragedy: 

...Petraeus briefed lawmakers that day [edit note: September 14th] that the attack was akin to a flash mob, and some top lawmakers noted to Fox News he seemed "wedded" to the administration's narrative that it was a demonstration spun out of control. The briefing appeared to conflict with one from the FBI and National Counterterrorism Center a day earlier in which officials said the intelligence supported an Al Qaeda or Al Qaeda-affiliated attack... 

Charles Krauthammer isn't pulling any punches here (and he shouldn't):

KRAUTHAMMER: Of course it was being held over Petraeus’s head, and the sword was lowered on Election Day. You don’t have to be a cynic to see that as the ultimate in cynicism. As long as they needed him to give the administration line to quote Bill, everybody was silent. And as soon as the election’s over, as soon as he can be dispensed with, the sword drops and he’s destroyed. I mean, can you imagine what it’s like to be on that pressure and to think it didn’t distort or at least in some way unconsciously influence his testimony? That’s hard to believe.

We may or may not hear about what GEN (ret) Petraeus has to say as it is private and with the Intel Committees.  He testifies with the Senate committee on Friday.  

Update:  I should add that, for a man who had a long career as a combat Soldier, and with our dead heroes in Benghazi and wounded ones still recovering and embassies and operatives in the worst possible places trying desperately to protect themselves (and you here at home) right this very second, his duty is to those people.  At the very least, he owes them that.  Testifying truthfully and comprehensively is the only option.