N.R.A.'s Life of Duty: To be an American

Died with their boots on...

Over at Ranger Up's Rhino Den, the Mad Medic lays out what we know about what happened at Benghazi. 
...Now at some point the SecDef said that you don’t just throw troops into a situation like that.  The infamous “fog of war” argument was used.  I must call bullshit on all of this.  If the attack on the Consulate began at 2140, then there were at least three “tier 1” teams within 400 miles that could have been there inside of an hour and a half at the outside.  They had drones flying overhead.  Most of our drones are packing Hellfire missiles, and we don’t seem to have much problem dropping them on pretty much anybody that we consider a terrorist.  They even had at least one AC-130 Specter gunship within 1 hour’s flying distance...
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