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Book Review - The Aden Effect

Pirates getting some well-deserved damage, a collection of folks who wish to do us harm, disgraced military men seeking redemption, sounds like a good recipe to me. I will even forgive the fact that The Aden Effect is all about the Navy.It's a helluva good book.

Claude Berube has written a great story filled with characters who are likeable or hateable but always entertaining, and even more important believable. He has plenty of personal and professional knowledge about the arena he writes about and it comes through in the dialogue and story lines. But the book doesn't get so far down in the weeds that you have to be an insider to understand what is going on. In addition the scenario and issues in play are sadly all too possible and it wouldn't surprise me to see them in the headlines.

Yemen is a mess, although singling it out in that region isn't really fair. There are few non-messes. The Arab Spring was a changing of the guard from known tyrants to unknown and all too often unfriendly groups. The Islamist elements were kept somewhat in check by the tyrants, now we have no idea who to deal with and not much influence on who will end up running things. In the midst of this soup sandwich,  The Aden Effect follows a trail of murder, conspiracy, terrorism and traitors high up in our own government.

Berube's "hero" Connor Stark is an excellent addition to the panoply of acerbic, jaded, ex-military, problem children who can act in ways our official officials just can't. Those pesky rules and regulations and chains of command really do get in the way of getting the job done. Consequently, Stark ignores them and strides around, I guess swaggers would be more nautical, and kicks ass in all the necessary ways. This book was fun and intelligently written, you will enjoy it.