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Betrayal - Special Air Service Soldier Jailed for having "war trophy"

UPDATE 11-29-12:  Sgt Nightingale's sentence has been suspended. Go here for more information!  Sally Nightingale brought the petition to free Danny with 106,000 signatures for the judge.  Thanks to everyone for their support, thoughts, prayers, $, and time in working on behalf of the Nightingales!

UPDATE 11-28-12:  Thanks to everyone for signing the petition and sending cards and letters of support to Sergeant Nightingale.  I hope the petitions land on the desk of the judge tomorrow...which brings me to this point...  The hearing for Sergeant Nightingale is tomorrow, Thursday, November 19th.  Since tomorrow is already happening in England, your thoughts and prayers would be appreciated. 

See the end of this post for a note from Sally Nightingale and sign the petition!!!


This one's for Tiny...

It is no secret that we support our friends, allies and family over in Britain.  They have stood by us in the darkest of times.  It's no secret that we are admirers of the SAS and the work that they do.  We've focused on a few of them here over the years.  Which brings us to this travesty of justice happening right now. 

The Brat over at Assoluta Tranquillita alerted us (please read) to this story in the Telegraph:

...In 2007, Sgt Nightingale was serving in Iraq as a member of Task Force Black, a covert counter-terrorist unit that conducted operations under orders to capture and kill members of al-Qaeda.

He also helped train members of a secret counter-terrorist force called the Apostles. At the end of the training he was presented with the Glock, which he planned to donate to his regiment as a war trophy...

But two of his mates were killed and he escorted their remains back to Britain.  His quick departure left behind, not only all of his gear, but also the pistol in Iraq.  The pistol was packed up in box and sent home - not opened for years.  In the meantime, Sgt Nightingale served honorably and ably; however, in the 30th mile of a 200 mile trek across Brazil, he collapsed and was in a coma for 72 hours suffering memory loss.  Then...

...In May, 2010, Sgt Nightingale was living in a house with another soldier close to the regiment’s headquarters when he was posted to Afghanistan at short notice.

During the tour, his housemate’s estranged wife claimed her husband had assaulted her and kept a stash of ammunition in the house. West Mercia Police raided the house and found the Glock, still in its container...

Legends in the SAS community have rallied round Sgt Nightingale including Richard Williams, Tim Collins, Andy McNab and Chris Ryan. They have sent a letter of protest to the Prime Minister David Cameron.

Read more:

There's a petition you can sign to show support of Sgt Nightingale here.  Yes, I don't expect the British judge to respond to a petition from a bunch of Americans and Canadians, but it might send a signal to the good sergeant and his family that A LOT of people around the world have his back.

And, to the judge in this case, as they say across the pond, "sort this out, or we'll sort you out."


Telegraph UK
Assoluta Tranquillita

Below is a note from Sally Nightingale:

38 Degrees is forwarding this email on from Sally Nightingale, the wife of Sergeant Danny Nightingale. So far, more than 90,000 38 Degrees members have signed the petition calling for Danny to be released ( Read her message below:

I can’t thank you enough for the support you’ve shown my husband, Sergeant Danny Nightingale. It means more than I can tell you that tens of thousands of people are standing with us to fight for his freedom. From the bottom of my heart - thank you.

Tomorrow, I’ll be taking the petition we’ve all signed into court for Danny’s appeal. A crucial issue will be whether keeping Danny in jail is in the public interest - so our petition calling for his freedom, signed by so many thousands of people, will be vital for Danny’s case.

If we’re going to show the court that the public don’t want Danny in jail, we need as many signatures as possible on that petition by tomorrow. It really could be what decides whether or not Danny comes home with me and our children in just a few hours' time. Every single signature counts.

Can you forward this email to your friends and family now and help grow the petition? You can also share this link on Facebook or Twitter (where we know lots of people are seeing it):

This could be our last chance to help Danny. Right now, more than 90,000 of us have signed the petition - but Danny’s lawyers have said they think it will be a huge boost to his case if we can get it up to 100,000 signatures by the time they take it into court.

Please forward this email now - and here’s the link to share on Facebook or Twitter:

Thank you so much for everything you’re doing to help Danny.

Sally Nightingale, Sergeant Danny Nightingale’s wife