Colonel makes case against COIN in Afghanistan
This Appears To Be What Happens When You Let the Guy Who Leads From Behind Run a War...

Obama killed Osama

He shot him in the eye remember? I don't see how you could forget, with the relentless end zone dancing in speeches, ads and as the cornerstone of O's "I ended al Qaeda"reelection slogan. Which brings me to the campaign propaganda disgrace of the day. This is the flyer an Obama tool was handing out.

Like I said, shot him in the eye. What a complete bad ass Barry is. He wastes more money before 9am, than all the rest of the Presidents combined. Then he slaps on his ninja gear, HALOs in, executes OBL, feeds him to the sharks and is back in time to do a segment chatting up the haggard harridans on The View. When I mentioned this to my best girl LTC Ma'am, she said it was excellent news. "Since we have all these budget cuts coming up, we can just get rid of SEAL Team 6".

Disclaimer: Yeah I know this didn't come directly from the White House, they would have wasted a lot more money on graphics etc. And obviously they knew no more about this, than they did about the requests for security in Libya.