SGT Craig Warfle Awarded Distinguished Service Cross - First Ranger to Receive DSC post 9/11

"Is That Daddy?"

According to the official US Army SF page, Sgt MacPherson's son asked at his father's memorial, "Is that Daddy? Is that Daddy?"


Sgt. Thomas R. MacPherson of 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment was laid to rest Oct. 26, 2012 at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Cypress, Calif. by his fellow Rangers. Sgt. MacPherson was killed by small arms fire during a combat operation in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan on October 12, 2012. It was his fifth deployment, fourth to Afghanistan.  US Army courtesy photo.

Mrs. MacPherson's birthday was the 25th.  From the OC Register:

...A day later, Claudia MacPherson spoke at her husband's memorial service as she held their 17-month-old son Brayden. On stage was a memorial placed in her husband's honor. His helmet, dog tags and boots stood in front of his photograph.

"I'm grateful for the little piece of Tommy that was left with me in the form of Brayden," Claudia MacPherson told the gathering of family members, friends, law enforcement and Army Rangers.

He was 17 when they met and she, 15. She recalled snapshots from their nine years together.

Senior prom, their wedding day when tears rolled down her cheeks and he had "the most terrified expression on his face," the day their son was born and he named him Brayden. The most recent family gathering when "Tommy" smiled at her with chocolate-smeared teeth.

"Our baby boy will know how proud he should be to call you his daddy," Claudia MacPherson said, breaking down. "I'll share with him the passion you had for what you did. Thank you for going through life with me, Tommy. It's been a privilege."...

Video of the memorial:

Godspeed, Ranger MacPherson!