How many murders will we take?
Gear Geek Post 4: Assault Pack

If you were the Taliban, what would you do?

Is there anyone out there that can manage to keep their freakin' mouth shut?


The retreat of western forces from Afghanistan could come sooner than expected, the head of Nato has said as he conceded that the recent Taliban strategy of "green on blue" killings had been successful in sapping morale.

In an interview with the Guardian Nato's secretary-general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, responded to pressure for a faster withdrawal from Afghanistan by stating that the options were being studied and should be clear within three months.

So I know ... let's make sure the Taliban know their strategy is succeeding, shall we?

Oh, and this:

"Political leaders in the capitals of troop-contributing countries know very well that this is part of a tactic or strategy to also undermine public and political support at home … The real target is politicians, media, opinion-formers at home in partner nations and allied nations."

Tell that to the dead Soldier's and Marines.  Tell it to their families.

No, even better - STFU!