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Gear Geek Post 4: Assault Pack


Like any truly good utensil, a good assault pack is a multi-tasker.  It is an assault pack, it is go bag, it is useful for many things and can be rapidly reconfigured at need.  Since my first embed, I've used the assault pack recommended to me by our own Mr. Wolf as carry-on luggage, checked luggage, gym bag, AV field case, and a few other odd and unplanned roles in addition to using it as intended.  That said, I'm really looking forward to using my new Bug-Out Bag from MilitaryLuggage.com


From the start, it is clear that the bag was designed with multiple uses in mind.  The unexpanded 21x13x9 size is generous, yet stays within most carry-on size restrictions.  Webbing and attachment points make it easy to add things on and otherwise customize the bag to individual tastes or mission needs. 


Even better, though it is hard to see in the shot of the side, in addition to the handle it also comes with a shoulder strap so that it can be carried like a regular bag or tactical briefcase. This shoulder strap is easily detachable so that it does not get in the way. 


On the back, the shoulder straps and waist belt can be easily stored away at need beneath a cover, in the area just outside the pouch for a hydration system. This makes the bag much easier to use as carry-on or in other roles than pure pack. 


The straps and waist belt appear to be rugged and comfortable. 


The outer pocket of the pack is set up as a fairly standard organizer pocket


The middle pocket/area is roomy for such things, and comes with two zippered internal pouches. 


The main area is roomy, easily accessible, and in all honesty fairly standard.  You will get pack suck, as with any pack, pocket, or pouch, with things going down and in.  However, you can easily open it up to get to anything and everything within. 


The bottom seems solid, and there are options for attachments and straps at need. 

The pack seems to have pretty much the same volume as my current assault pack, and similar options for hydration.  However, it is much better designed in terms of options for carry, and that is important for any good multi-use bag.  I'm actually going to start using it today, and look forward to reporting on how it holds up in real-world applications. 

For the lazy, you can also get the bag in Marpat Green, ABU, Coyote Brown, Marpat Desert, and Multicam.  While you are at it, don't forget the excellent return policy


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