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Embed Update

I owe several posts, but things have been a bit hectic, and they are about to get even more so.  There was a bottleneck with the paperwork which has now been found.  Not sure what that means in terms of departure, but I am going to be taking no chances.  There is still a LOT to get done. 

If anyone is interested in sending something from the Wish List, now is a good time.  Any and all hits to the tip jar (top of the right-hand column) are very much appreciated and needed.  To those who have stepped up, my thanks!

Among those stepping up and helping out are the good folks at Ranger Up.  I now have some wonderful new t-shirts to wear on the embed, and they are very much appreciated. 

More soon, including a much delayed post or two on preparing for an embed.  Promise. 


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