Dog Days
The Sword of Vladimir

Biden wrong on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc. etc.

If anyone can point out something Biden was ever right about, I would appreciate it. Greyhawk has a beautiful example of just how completely full of malarkey Biden is.  

He, and Obama, tried to help lose the war in Iraq when President Bush and Gen. Petraeus were trying to win it. He, and Obama, have lost the war in Afghanistan and they are darn close to losing the peace in Iraq. They have claimed victory in the war against al Qaeda, only to find out that shooting a recluse in the eye didn't change the minds of the rest of al Qaeda or the tens of millions of Islamists around the world. They claimed victory by leading from behind in Libya then cut the security for the diplomats sent there to clean up the mess. How did that work out for Amb. Stevens and his compatriots? That's right they were slaughtered after the vanquished al Qaeda invaded US soil and then drug them through the streets. Biden managed to lie about denying them security last night as well.

Remind me again how this rude, belligerent, disrespectful jackwagon "won" the debate last night? He won it in the same way your drunk, ill-informed buffoon of an Uncle wins arguments at Thanksgiving, everyone just gets sick of listening to him. And this guy is one heartbeat from the Presidency. Not that the bar is set very high by the current empty chair. Vote, and make your friends vote too. Hell if Biden can be VP, then your pets are qualified to vote, so get them to the polls as well.