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U.K. Gallantry Awards Announced

When you say ‘he ran through enemy fire’ it makes it sound dramatic, but it’s not so much something that you do, but something that you have to do in order to make space for yourself and others around you. If you are running through enemy fire you are doing it for a reason – you are either leaving, or making space for somebody else to have an effect on the enemy.” - Captain Nick Garland about his MiD

The MoD announced the latest batch of awards for bravey.  There's more than a few citations for bravery including one that bears some explaining:  "Mention in Despatches" or MiD.

The Mention in Despatches is one of the oldest forms of recognition for gallantry within the UK Armed Forces. Since 1993 the Mention in Despatches has been reserved for gallantry during active operations.

You can go to the following links to read about:

MiD: Platoon Sergeant Tony Branham's charge across 100 meters of deadly ground in order to give one of his elements the ability to move out from under fire (because the enemy was now trying to kill Branham).

Military Cross:  Corporal Sean Jones ordered his men, pinned down, to fix bayonets and charge across 80 meters of enemy fire to save his platoon from a deadly ambush.

MiD:  Wounded a few years ago and returned to the fight, Captain Nick Garland fought off ten near ambushers and led his company through to victory (and brought all of his soldiers home).

Queen's Gallantry Medal:  Sapper Matthew Garey disposed of IEDs and received the QGM which is for heroism while not under fire.  Garey, having lost another Sapper leader the week before (lost both legs to an IED), found a daisy chained IED field and spent 5 hours negotiating the area and clearing it.

Military Cross:  Rifelman Matthew Wilson, shot in the head during an ambush on his recon unit, continued to fight and show his team where the enemy was, directing fire and eliminating the threat.  Video of award ceremony at the link above.

MiD:  Private Morales Matthews vaults from behind cover to save a fellow soldier that was knocked unconcious by an ambush.

MiD (2nd award):  Captain Mark Cripps changed the game during an ambush by maneuvering his ANA soldiers against the enemy and leading by example.

and last, but not least (and definitely my favorite citation)...

MiD:  Sergeant Mark Moffitt, who stayed in the line of fire for half an hour to foil an enemy ambush after promising his wife he wouldn’t do anything brave in Afghanistan.

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