In Memory Bright
Inside the Pentagon on 911...

Thoughts on 9/11

Preparing to read names at a 9/11 Rememberance in Hampton, VA.

This thought sprang to mind:

Today is about bravery. Sacrifice. Loss. Valor. Uncommon Courage. Today is a number of people finding something about themselves they never knew or rediscovered. Today is about facing pure evil...experiencing in a way that was not broadcast or sugar coated. 

All who are touched with thoughts of conspiracy, distrust, misdirection etc frankly need to stow that for 24 hours.

Today is about thoughts of people whose only crime was going to work, or flying on an airplane. And those who responded to the clarion call to help. And for the families of fallen and lost.

It was America's darkest day....and Her finest hour.

What are you going to do to make America better? Decide...and Lets Roll!.