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The Poles on 9/11

[Annual re-post for September 11th]

Received an email from Marian Jordan Lewandowski of Gdynia, Poland (a beautiful coastal town of about 230,000 residents), who wanted us to know that, today, we are not alone:

As every year , in my little town lost somewhere at the end of the world - at seaside of Poland, people fold flowers and inflame candles to celebrate the memory of innocent victims of the attack on WTC which were killed from the hand of animals.

From the hand of animals which shamed all other animals


The inscription proclaims :   On September 11th,2001 our hearts stopped petrified with horror - on that day we were all New Yorkers.  On the 1st anniversary of the terrorist attack on WTC - inhabitants of Gdynia.


Thank you, friends - Jordan, and Gdynia, Poland.