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The Muslim Drinking Game


"The Sphere" was sculpted by Fritiz Koenig to symbolize world peace through world trade.  For thirty years, it sat in the plaza between the towers of the World Trade Center until that terrible day when Muslim jihadis knocked them down for Islam, killing 2,977 innocent victims in all.  "The Sphere" was dug out of the rubble and placed, battered and bruised, in Battery Park, within view of Freedom Tower, the new One World Trade Center now under construction.

The bronze plaque which explains the significance of "The Sphere" says, "It was damaged during the tragic events of Sep 11, 2001 ...."  It does explain that people lost their lives in "terrorist attacks," but is perfectly vague about who these terrorists might be.  Nearby, the National September 11 Memorial & Museum is fiercely honest that Islamists were the terrorists, but the further you travel from Ground Zero, the more that fierce dedication to truth dissipates.

New York postcards which urge people to never forget September 11 don't mention who did it.  Bit by bit, the terrorist narrative of Sep 11 is being sanitized to become a narrative of tragedy, as if no malicious human agency was involved.  More and more, Islam becomes invisible and Muslims disappear from the Sep 11 story and it is treated more like some natural catastrophe, as if a tsunami struck the World Trade Center and washed "The Sphere" down Broadway to Battery Park.

The politically correct whitewashing is more striking every anniversary of Sep 11 when new documentaries of the day omit, more and more, any mention of Islam, Muslims, or jihadis.  The liberal media now produces entire histories of the event that never mention the words "Muslim" nor "Islam."

Imagine if the media omitted mention of Japan or Japanese in documentaries of the Pearl Harbor attack.  Imagine if they whitewashed the reasons for the attack and treated it as if it were some natural catastrophe for which nobody were to blame.  That would be quite a dishonest rendering of history, wouldn't it?

I propose a remedy to keep the blame firmly fixed on the perpetrators.  Fill your glass with the adult beverage of your choice as you watch documentaries about Sep 11 this week.  Every time a segment plays out to the commercial break without mentioning Islam or Muslims, bottoms up!  I can assure you that playing the Muslim Drinking Game for a few hours should leave you seriously plastered.  Pace yourself.